Go directly from CAD to a robotic welding program you can run on the shop floor. Our advanced algorithms create motions from your part information, enabling truly flexible automation.

Verbotics weld features several key features to minimise the effort required to create programs for you robot. Together this makes our software simple and easy to use so you can spend more time welding and less time programming. If you would like to know more please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Weld identification dialog

Weld Identification

Our software includes automatic single-click identification of all welds in your 3D part model. Our algorithms analyse the imported geometry to identify where welds should be placed and the nominal torch angles.

This works for any shape, from simple plates to complex curved geometry and can identify hundreds of welds in a matter of seconds. You can also import weld paths from CSV spreadsheets.

Automatic Planning

The welding toolpath, approach, retreat and intermediate motions are automatically planned and optimised by our software. No robotics expertise, human input or manual path adjustment is required.

Welding toolpaths are generated to co-ordinate the robot and external axes for optimal welding quality. Intermediate motions are generated between operations to minimise cycle time. Our software ensures motions are collision free, singularity free and optimised so you don't have to.

Touch Sense Calibration

Automatic touch sensing is included to account for differences between the 3D CAD model and the real-world part. Our touch sensing algorithm can deal with both simple structures and complex features.

Our software will choose the best location for touch senses, without human interaction and generate then robot code to perform the touch sense online.


Simulate individual welds or the full program inside the software, and get an estimate of cycle time. If you need to modify the program, just edit the weld using our powerful tools and run the planning process again to have your changes immediately applied, without the need to change or reprogram anything else.

Generated robot code

Robot Code Generation

Once the welds have been planned, click the Generate Program button to create a robot program you can download to your robot controller for verification and execution. The program uses the same structure as if a human had written it, allowing you to touch up the program using the robot's teach pendant if required.

Our software currently supports ABB's RAPID and Yaskawa Motoman's INFORM, and we can add additional robot support to suit your needs.