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Industrial robots are a great tool for welding automation: they are fast, repeatable, and flexible but conventional programming is costly and time consuming. Our software utilises planning algorithms to create ready to run weld programs for your robot directly from CAD. If you are a job shop with small part volumes, or producing complex parts, our software will enable you to unlock the benefits of robotic welding automation with reduced programming costs.

  1. CAD software
    1. Import
    Import or extract welds from CAD
  2. Planning
    2. Plan
    Automatically plan robot motions
  3. Welding
    3. Weld
    Simulate or run directly on the robot
Importing workpiece geometry and welds

1. Import

Import your 3D workpiece model from several common file formats (STEP and STL). Our software can automatically identify weld paths directly from the imported geometry, or you can define welds using the inbuilt editor or from a spreadsheet. You can then view and re-order welds, as well as set the welding parameters to use.

Planning welds

2. Plan

Our software generates the robot motions using the inbuilt planning algorithms. No human input is required and the software automatically avoids collision, reachability limits and singularities. Weld paths and workpiece positions are optimised to produce a high quality result. The software can even plan welds in narrow and challenging areas.


3. Weld

The robot motions are translated to a program ready to run directly on the robot. Information is added to the program, such as weld settings, so no additional programming is required. Touch sensing is included into the programming to account for workpiece inaccuracies. You can also simulate the generated motions inside our software for verification, and adjust the parameters and re-plan if required.

About Us

We are a team of robotics engineers based at iAccelerate in Wollongong, Australia. For several years we have been developing solutions for industrial robot programming, with a focus on low volume production for SMEs. Contact us at